Holos 2

Stained Glass of the 21st Century

Holographic stained glass diptych Holos deals with the theme of creation of the world and its design was established in collaboration with artificial intelligence. Its morphology is based on Gothic rosettes and Art Nouveau floral ornaments. The piece was inspired by the third day of creation of the world according to the Bible, when the first plants, their seeds and fruits were created.

The holographic image is recorded using a laser beam passing through a photopolymer layer applied to a piece of glass that interferes with its reflection from a real object behind it. The pattern of the two opposite light waves creates an illusion of a three-dimensional flower that was once present behind the flat glass.
The plants captured on the glass rosettes were generated by the artificial intelligence and taken to life by the technology of 3D printing.
The designer reacts to the outcome of the theoretical research in the form of stained glass medium which has a long tradition of perceiving religious images since being used in medieval cathedrals.
This method is used stripped of its church connotations in a new form of holographic stained glass based on the latest technological procedures.
The work explores the connections between the scientific and religious attitude towards world understanding and interpretation. These two disciplines supplement the way how art comprehends reality.
The piece should reinforce the perception of these disciplines not as contradictory but mutually complementary

  • Dimensions: ⌀ 67 cm
  • Material: Silver Halide Reflection Holograms on Glass, Lead