Multimedia installation with a video projection display reflected on surface of a silver glass jar with a crystal lid

…The saints are not called dead but sleeping.

-St. Jerome

The scene features the main visual signs of a reliquary – the precious material and the lens effect, which deforms  a chocolate praline and an obscure paper with tiny Latin note. The praline stands in contrast on a place of previous relic as lightened metaphor of faith, which has to resist the temptations.  There is an endoscopic recording from a sound going through an esophagus projected on the LCD screen. One of the key feature of a traditional reliquary is to present a relation between the beautiful exterior and ugly, but very precious content. Primarily by such a synergy can a reliquary arouse visions that exceed it’s self.  It teaches what the relic is and ho to approach it. The image of a thing  is distorted and filtered by us and what we know as a thing is already deformed by the way we perceive it.  The piece creates a bridge between mundane and divine, physical and spiritual, transcendent and imminent, and between humour  and bone chilling.

  • Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 30 cm
  • Material: Silver mirrored, handblown glass, video, LCD screen, vitrine