Globe Clock

A clock that rotates counterclockwise.

The feeling of the passage of time depends on the activity we did during that time, it is purely subjective and often distant from what the clock face shows us.
Globe Clock is a collection of clocks that views time as storyline, rather than as a numerical entity. Time is represented by the flow of a story that reaches a certain stage in a certain time. The feeling of change is a convincing proof that some time has passed since the last look at the object, which has become its indicator. Globe Clock encourages to experience the moment, rather than where we should have been and what we won’t make. Just as the Earth rotates around its axis once a day from left to right, so does the Globe Clock once every 24 hours. The light – day and dark – night hemispheres show us how many days have passed and how fast night is approaching. It takes 12 hours for each hemisphere to pass completely and be replaced by the other.
The clock shows time-out for lunch, an owl appears during the afternoon, the evening begins when you see a picture of poker players. Spicy nightlife scenes mean a deep night.