Silvered glass vases were made by author’s technique of mirrored surfaces, breaking glass, and putting it together.

The vases are a comeback to times when we weren’t certain yet whether the reflection seen in a mirror is ours. Which might be difficult especially in these times so overloaded by digital image, which forces us its own reality.

TWOOWT vases are a metaphor illustrating Korean parable from the 18th century about Pak, the poor merchant with pottery and his wife, who looked into a mirror and didn’t understand that they are staring at their own reflection. One’s own. Pak’s wife saw presumed mistress standing next to her husband and Pak saw a lover whom he thought to be his wife’s lover. Likewise the red shards mirror in the blue ones and the blue in the red ones.

The vases are thoutght provoking, balancing between reality and illusion by imaginary space expansion, where the shards’ reflections intermingle with the real shards.

Each vase was assembled from three separately blown vases of the same shape.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 28 cm
  • Material: Handblown glass: silvered, broken and glued