My Craft are glass handmade flower vases inspired by the popular computer game Minecraft, where the principle of building and unlimited space modifications of your own world was taken to reality. The vase invites you to plant a live flower into a digital soil, where the grass is represented by green cubes. Is it going to grow?

I used a unique technique of glass melting where each of 120 cubes was melted separately first, grinded and then remelted together already in a composition of a vase. This special technique allowed the birth of one single piece of melted glass with colour separation within its cubic segments.

The name of this work comprises the word MINECRAFT with emphasis on demanding hand-crafted process.

Nowadays we are observing the world through displays of our devices, that is why I want to point out the impression of weirdness that gives an object taken from the world beyond the display in real life confrontation.

  • Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 24 cm
  • Material: Cast glass