Follow the White Rabbit

Conceptual neon light object for interior, inspired by the cult movie the Matrix, by following the white rabbit.

Glass enables us to see, it gives us a permanent promise of something behind, as when Alice entered the world behind the mirror. The glass emerges as soon as the desire is born. I created a surrounded box which defines a space with a silhouette of a rabbit within its centre. The animal shines like a valuable object, which hardly anybody has a courage to achieve.

In addition, opening of the box enables a fragmentation of the originally simple silhouette into mysterious calligraphic symbols on surfaces of plexi glass panels. The utilization of shape of a white rabbit is an ambiguous philosophical reference. As such the rabbit is an everlasting prisoner of time, furthermore it symbolises the inability of liberation of our minds from bodies. We create a world by our soul, in which we live, once we grow up, we create a new unescapeable reality. But we never break ourselves of doing what we have learned during maturing.

The decision of following the white rabbit is a decision to follow a thought that might lead us to an unknown place.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 38 x 50 cm
  • Material: Neon, plexiglass, epoxy, aluminium, hardware