Chronometer Series

The Chronometer Series is a collection of clocks that show time through a story.

We are obsessed with time and yet we are happiest when we do not know what time it is. It seems to us that we waste time in moments when we consciously perceive it. Time passes at the same pace, only our feeling of it changes, depending on how we process our experiences. The feeling of the passage of time derives from the activity we engaged in during that time, is purely subjective and often distant from what the clock face shows us.

In history, I search for the human obsession to measure experiences as a universally valid unit, applicable both to the length of the experience and to its inclusion in the timeline of history, and how these timing tendencies were related to contemporary perception of time. Did the clock affect the pace of life, or vice versa? I examine the perception of time and what it meant to us, means and could mean. For us, it is much more than just a number on the display, yet we most often perceive it as such. I created a collection that would be closer to how we perceive time. These chronometric objects open up new possibilities of looking at time as a story, rather than as a numerical entity. Time is represented by the flow of a story that enters a certain phase at a certain time.