I study Glass programme at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague lead by prof. Rony Plesl.

My artistic work is a limitless space,  where design and fine art have made a pact to create unique situations, surviving in this world full of new impulses, while living their own life.

I put into dialogues participants enabling them to take part in creating the changeable process and inner dynamics of the piece by a material expression, thus being a celebration of the uniqueness of each moment.

I think that the biggest merit of an artpiece resides in the fact, that it can give us – at least for a second – another way of seeing the things.


2016  – now Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

2019  – Internship at Rhode Island School of Design, USA

2016  – 2017 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague


2020 – Talente Munich, Germany

2020 – Time Out of Mind Mind Out of Time, The Gallery 8mička, Humpolec, CZ

2019 – Czech Design Week, CZ // Czech Design Award for the best installation

2019 – Chrysalis – glass student exhibition at Rhode Island School of Design, USA

2018 – Czech Design Week, CZ

2018 – The Studio of Glass in Hybernská 4, CZ

2018 – London Design Fair, UK

2018 – Glassfest Carlsbad, CZ

2018 – Fragile – UMPRUM students‘ exhibition in the Glassimo gallery, CZ

2017 – Junior Glass Ways – International glass school contest, CZ

2017 – Marieta Tedenacová and Shynar Kaliyeva in Passage of Czech Design, CZ

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